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Orson’s experience and commitment to serving the Composite, Paints & Coatings industry make its product portfolio a market leader. We are leading FRP and Pultrusion Resin Manufacturer in India. We help our customers build a reliable, stronger and long-lasting product range. At Orson, we strictly believe in developing our products in-house. Orson’s R & D Team has the expertise to design products as per customer’s choice meeting their requirements.

We manufacture customised, application specific fiber reinforced plastic resin products for the wide spectrum of processes (hand layup resins, spray up resins, SMC/DMC resins, pultrusion resins, etc) and industries like automotive, marine, electrical, mass transportation, building & construction, infrastructure, chemical containment and many more. We have customised and modified product properties to suit customer requirements within each application area.

Orson’s premium resins and polymers comply with various National and International Standards and show great compatibility to partner our customers in projects globally. All our products are certified and tested with fiberglass sourced from the best fiberglass manufacturer in India for quality assessment and testing purpose.

We are leading Fibreglass Manufacturer in India. Our products are expanding every day and improvements on existing products are carried out with the same enthusiasm as the first day. There is a constant quest for expanding while integrating the product range to be offered to customers. Orson believes in leading the way in showing customers new system-based solutions and opportunities.

Resins for Composites

Based on Chemistry

Based on Process

Resins for Paints and Coatings

Based on Applications

Additional and broader features include:


Low Styrene Emission

UV Cure

UV Stabilized

Cobalt Pre-accelerated

Amine Pre-accelerated


Customized Gel time

Customizable viscosity

Ancillary products

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