Modified Alkyd Resins

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    Acrylic Modified Alkyd Resin

    Modified alkyd resins by Orson provide alkyd resins that quickly dry and have good gloss finish. These are normally short oil alkyd resins that have excellent chemical resistance.We are also offers Fire Retardant chemical Resins

    Urethane Modified Alkyd

    What is the difference between Short Oil Alkyd and Long Alkyd Resins?

    Short Oil Alkyd Resins generally have the capability to dry faster as compared to long oil alkyds and produce a hard surface. They require heat to cure and produce a finished surface which is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. we offer Urethane Modified Alkyd Resins. These resins are found majorly in industrial applications such as oven paint, wood primes and traffic paint.

    We are Supplier of Alkyd resins in India. Please contact for more information about this range of products.