Alkyd Resins

Alkyd resins are a staple ingredient in most synthetic paints, varnishes, and enamels.

Alkyd Resin Manufacturer in India

We are Manufacturer of Modified Alkyd Resin. We offer premium quality Alkyd Resin

What are Alkyd Resins?

Alkyd resins are ester-based polymer resins that are modified by adding fatty acids or other oils. To put it simply, alkyds are oil-modified polyesters. They are considered to be the principal binder in most commercial oil-based coatings. Products coated with a structure with an alkyd resin-based product can help prolong its lifespan.We also known as Unsaturated Polyster Resin Manufacturer in India

Orson’s alkyd resins provide high strength, good gloss retention properties and outstanding pigment wetting. These resins are flexible, exhibit quick drying properties and are ideal for paints and varnishes (stains) as they are less prone to chipping.

Alkyd Resin Suppliers

We are supplier of Alkyd Resin, we offers different types of Alkayd resins

What are the different types of Alkyd Resins?

There are three different types of Alkyd Resin based on the “length of the oil” which is the percentage of fatty acid in the resin.

  • Short Oil Alkyd Resins : Less than 30% fatty acids
  • Medium Oil Alkyd Resins : 45-55% fatty acids
  • Long Oil Alkyd Resins : more than 55% fatty acids

The above distinctions hold significance as the drying time and physical characteristics of the final product including the flexibility and durability.

Due to the ease of application and quick drying capability at room temperature, the major applications of long oil alkyd resins is in architectural paints, marine paints, trim paints and decorative or house paints.

We are also a Gelcoat Resin supplier in India, Please contact for more information about this range of products.

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