Why Orson


1The competitive edge
Retain the competitive edge through R&D, customer tie-ups, with innovation & expansion of our product range.
2Total Quality Management
Committed to maintaining high standards of work in every aspect of the company’s operations.
3Exposure and Experience
Exposure and experience in relevant national and international specifications, certifications and events.
4Operating Efficiency & Effectiveness
Improvement of the operating efficiency and effectiveness, by optimizing plant utilization and monitoring of the performance indicators.
Professional management and control, healthy business relationships at all levels of work.

Best Practices

Epoxy Resin supplier


We continually strive to improve the quality of our products and services to meet the expectations of our customers through constant improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. All our products are tested in our modern well equipped laboratories. We integrate techniques, standard operating procedures and TQM to provide our customers with consistent craftsmanship.

Low styrene Emission Resin Exporter in India

Dedication on Research and Development

We have a focused R&D team which is dedicated to developing tailor-made and application-based products which hold high value in the eye of the customer. To keep it fair for all, our products are also tested by independent accredited laboratories all over India.

Customer Comes First

We have a strong team of technical professionals who are committed to help you understand your product and it’s application better. This is the first of a kind support in India.

Environment Friendly

We are sincere towards safety in our operations, attempting to minimize the impact on environment. We have an effluent treatment plant with trained personnel who ensure that the by-products are treated in compliance with environmental standards.


Maximise Employee Satisfaction

We strive to provide safe, healthy and pollution-free working environment to all our employees to prevent hazards related to health and hygiene.

Research and Development

At Orson, we strictly believe in developing our products in-house, and that has been our ‘Mantra for Success’
Orson R&D Team has the expertise to design products on customer choice meeting any applications. Research is focussed on two platforms:

1) Product
As a core strategy we believe in providing our customers with tailor-made products that add value up the chain. We understand the requirements in depth and offer a technologically sound product to suit their specification and manufacturing process. There is a constant quest for expanding while integrating the product range to be offered to customers. In line with this, we test our products at independent and accredited laboratories throughout India.

2) Production Technologies
We inculcate concepts from industrial engineering, thermodynamics and Total Quality Management (TQM) to ensure best practices for product development.


o Specific needs of every customer.

o The reported market strengths identified by the R&D managers.

o Optimization of Cost.

o Reduction of Risk

Certifications and Approvals

Our products are certified with the leading accredited laboratories and testing facilities across India. This ensures adherence to specific standards and conformance to the industrial quality standards.

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