Reactive Polyamides

Polyamide Resin Manufacturers

Polyamide resins are high-molecular-weight polymers which feature amide linkages along the molecular chain. we are manufacturer of Polyamide Resin in India. These resins can either be reactive or non-reactive resins.

Reactive Polyamides Resins

What are reactive polyamide resins?

Reactive polyamides are products that are used as epoxy curing agents while preparing adhesives and surface coatings. These resins are long-chain dicarboxylic acids which have high corrosion and weather resistance and hence, they are widely used in surface coatings as a substitute for synthetic binders.

What is the difference between reactive and non reactive polyamide resins?

Polyamide resins can be broadly classified as either reactive or non reactive. As mentioned above, reactive polyamides are utilized primarily as curing agents for epoxy resins whereas nonreactive polyamides are used predominantly in hot-melt adhesives and printing inks.

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