Acrylic Polyols

Acrylic Resin Manufacturer in India

We are best Acrylic Resin Manufacturer in India. Our prodcut is very helpful in many applications , acrylic polyols are mainly used in automotive refinish, general industrial finishing, coatings for metals and plastics, Oil-based cement paint for high-grade exterior, finishing varnish, etc. We are also Suplier of Flame Retardant Resin in India

Acrylic Resin supplier

Acrylic polyols represent a special group of amorphous polyol, obtained by radical copolymerisation of acrylic monomers (ternary or quaternary copolymers), such as acrylic or methacrylic acids and esters.We Supply Best Quality Acrylic Resin in Mumbai. These resins offer great water and chemical resistance and have a good pot life which makes it a preferred choice for its industrial finishing applications.

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