Isopthalate Resin Manufacturer in India

Often referred to as Iso, it is an improved polyester. It has a slightly higher cost, improved strength, thermal stability and mild resistance to corrosion conditions. Compared to Orthophthalate resins, Isophthalate resins possess improved resistance to water permeation has prompted its use as a gel barrier coat in marine applications. We are one of the Best Isophthalate Resin Manufacturer in india, Offer best quality Isophthalate Resin. Improved chemical resistance has led them to extensive use in underground petroleum tanks (in gas stations) with satisfactory service life. They are also used for applications where improved chemical resistance to salts and mild acids is required.

Isophthalic resin unsaturated polyester resin have higher molecular weight which is prepared with high quality isophthalic resin sourced from the best isophthalic resin supplier and isophthalic resin manufacturer in India and the world so that the cured product has better mechanical properties, toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Orson provides a wide range of application specific properties of isophthalic resin compatible with various processes like hand layup, sprayup, SMC/DMC, pultrusion, RTM, infusion,etc.

Isophthalate Resin Suppliers in India

We are Top Isophtahlate Resin Suppliers in India. We offer top Quality Isophthalate Resin. Excellent corrosion resistance, superior hydrolytic stability and high heat deflection temperature are some of the major features of Orson’s isophthalate resins. These resins have outstanding chemical and mechanical properties which makes it suitable for manufacturing of tanks, hydraulic engineering, sleeves, bends, ductings, pipes, gratings and grating keys, CIPP, etc.

This Isophthalate Resin are very beneficial in Various areas. Major application areas of these resins are in the automotive industry, marine industry for the manufacturing of boats, building & construction, infrastructure for manufacturing nacelle covers used in wind mills, and many more.

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