Resins for Hand Layup

What is Hand-layup process?

Hand lay-up resin from Orson is an open molding method suitable for making a wide variety of composites products from very small to very large. It is the simplest composites molding method, offering low cost tooling, simple processing, and a wide range of part sizes.The resin for handlayup process are available in different chemistries which include ortho resin for handlayup process,Isophthalate resin,terephthalate resins and green resins for handlayup by orson.


Initially, gelcoat is applied to the mold using a spray gun to achieve a high quality surface. When the gelcoat has cured the reinforcement is placed on the mold. The laminating resin is applied by pouring, brushing, spraying, or using a paint roller. In order to build laminate thickness as per requirement, subsequent layers of fiberglass reinforcement are added.

Orson’s range of resin for Hand layup process provides good impact resistance excellent strength, rigidity, ease of use while processing.

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