Resins for Continuous Lamination

Resins for Continuous Lamination

Continuous lamination is a processing method used to produce flat, corrugated, transparent or colored sheets at a high production speed. Some applications of continuous lamination process are foam sandwich panels, refrigerated vehicle panels, truck panels, and RV panels, etc.

It is a highly automated process in which reinforcements are impregnated with resin and guided through a conveyor process of forming rolls to control thickness and resin content consistent with the desired end product. the resin is cured to form the composite panel as the material on the conveyor is passed through a heating zone. Panels and sheets manufactured in this process are used to produce truck trailer and RV sidewalls, skylights, building panels, and other construction industry applications.

Orson Resins provide High-quality resins for continuous lamination and supply to different parts of the world. Based on the requirement of the chemistry, following are the types of resins for continuous lamination:

  1. Orthopthalate Resin for Continuous lamination
  2. DCPD Resins for Continuous lamination

Following are the benefits of using unsaturated polyester resin for continuous lamination process:

  • High level of adhesion.
  • Excellent waterproofing and chemical coating technology.
  • Excellent abrasion,impact resistance and Chemical resistance
  • High degree of flexibility.

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